Do You Need a Consumer Rights Attorney?

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consumer rights attorneyConsumer rights attorneys are not just for consumer fraud cases. Although state and federal law provide general protections against fraudulent practices by businesses for consumers, there is a lot of gray area and hiring an attorney or specifically a consumer rights attorney can make sure your case is presented in the most time efficient and compelling manner possible. Lawyers in the consumer rights field will be experienced with issues like false advertising, price rigging, charging for services or products that were not provided, bait and switch marketing and non-disclosure of manipulative bookkeeping practices among other types of deceptive practices that some corporations use to defraud their victims.

If you feel that you have been a victim of consumer fraud or feel that a business is dealing unfairly with you and other consumers you might have the grounds to initiate or join an existing class action lawsuit but generally speaking you are better off hiring your own lawyer with experience in the consumer protection area of law to represent your individual case. A lot of the monetary award of a class action lawsuit goes to the lawyers and very little goes to the consumers participating in the class action lawsuit so you should consider hiring your own lawyer in these types of cases if the monetary rewards can justify it.

More Than Just a Divorce Attorney

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DivorceImageI recently went through a divorce and despite all the nightmares you hear about the process, mine went pretty smoothly and it really had nothing to do with me or my ex-spouse. I give all the credit to the smooth handling of my divorce to my divorce lawyer. He was more than just some guy who wanted to rush through one more case. He took the time to understand my exact situation and talked over and over again about the importance of communication with the other side. It’s directly because of his emphasis on communication that this whole process went so smoothly. Divorces across the country would go so much better if every place in the U.S. had the kind of divorce attorneys Arlington TX has, or at least the kind of divorce attorney that I had. I’m not sure how he got in to law because his personality was more of a sociologist or a mix between a psychiatrist and Tony Robbins. He somehow managed to pump me up about tackling this huge life changing event head on. He didn’t sugar coat the whole process or tell me that it was going to be easy but he basically coached me on the best ways to cope with the stress and to see this as an event that I could have control over. He was sort of like a life coach when I needed a life coach the most. This wasn’t his first time at the divorce rodeo and he had a lot of sage advice. Advice that benefited me and my ex-spouse greatly.

When a Probate Attorney is Necessary

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Will ContestAlmost 70% of Americans do not have an up to date will so it’s no surprise that many people think they don’t have the need for a probate attorney. Most people believe because the deceased didn’t leave behind a wealth of assets that they have no need to hire a probate attorney to move probate along but hiring a probate lawyer may be necessary in a few situations that don’t include a lot of valuable assets being left behind. If you are unsure whether or not to hire a probate attorney, ask yourself these questions below to better determine your needs. If you find based on your answers that you need one, hire a reputable Probate attorney Katy TX and let them guide you through the probate process. Can you use your states “small estate” procedures to handle the estate? The best scenario for a small estate would be to stay out of probate but if that isn’t possible you can see if the estate in question qualifies for your states’ small estate procedures to handle the estate. These procedures and qualifications are different for each state so you will have to find out if the estate qualifies under your specific state rules. If it does it is usually handled out of court with something as simple as a sworn affidavit presented to the person or entity holding the asset. In many states even larger estates can use this process on non-probate assets, but you will need to check with your local state laws to determine if the estate in question qualifies for this non-probate handling of the assets.

The Current State of Patent Laws (and the patent trolls it creates)

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The current state of patent law is a mess. This article will discuss what the problem is and how in it’s current state, patent law has created the whole industry of patent trolls and how that industry is snuffing out the creative business innovations that are needed to drive civilization forward in the years to come.